Posted by Jamie Erdt on Jun 22, 2024



Dear Members,

The graduation caps have been tossed in the air by cheering seniors as our scholarship year comes to a close. We awarded 69 graduates a total of $74,000 this year which is truly remarkable. Recipients include students from Sandpoint High School, Priest River Lamanna High School, Clark Fork High School, Lake Pend Oreille High School and Tech Trep Academy (now known as Braintree Academy Idaho). We awarded scholarships to 13 returning students also. Below is the list of the students:
Aiden Bates, Cassidy Aiken, Kody Bosksch, Terra Bode, Sara Bryson, Peyton Cessna, William Clark, James Cornelius, Berkeley Cox, Noah Darrin, Alexandra David, Emele Dillon, Ryan Doko, Eoin Eddy, Hailey Fischer, Klein Fragoso, Etta Francis, Taylor Granier, Rylie Hancock, Ryder Haynes, Mckenna Hunter, Haley Hustead-Swaim, Tristan James, Jack Landon, Aubree Lane, Alayna Lies, Pierce McDermott, Riley Myers, Genevieve Newsom, Matthew Norton, Aurla Palmer, Megan Parrie, Mia Przybylski, Nathan Roche, Grace Rookey, Crosby Schmidt, Evan Schwenk, Audrey Sheffler, Shane Sherrill, Ivy Smith, Saige Smith, Aliya Strock, Sawyer Treadaway, Kildy Zigerelli
Marley Burgess-Duquette, Cheyenne Thompson
Ethan Howard, Ryan Mattheson, Maia Miller, Amari Printz-Hay, Dillon Ryan-Downing,Eloise Shelton, Emmise Stoffels, Trinity Swales
TECH TREP ACADEMY - Braintree Academy Idaho
Arianne Walker
Nolan Angell, Emily Ballard, Ara Clark, Elizabeth Couch, Maren Davidson, Adeline Henney, Ben Jordon, Haleigh Knowles, Kate McGregor, Brady Packer, Parker Pettit, Tallulah Stafford, Kimberly Yarnell

Three of our Scholarship recipients were able to attend the celebration. Each of them told us the college they would attend and their plans for the future.

They are from Left to Right:

Kody Bocksch, William Clark from Sandpoint High School & Cheyenne Thompson of Priest River Lamanna High School.

Below is a photo of the Sandpoint High School
CAL Scholarship Recipients

Thanks to the great eight committee members, you were amazing!
Susan Black, Mary Daubersmith, Carroll Ensminger, Kathy Larson, Jenevie Llanes, Charlene Matheson, Mary Sturgis and Pam Trimble
Lastly, thank you to all the volunteers who give so generously of their time to work at the store. Without you there is no money to give back to our wonderful community. You are the heart and soul of what we are all about. Thank you!
Jamie Erdt
Scholarship Chair