Posted by Heather Hellier on Mar 20, 2021



Dear Members,
It’s such a rewarding feeling to be able to participate in this valuable process, giving back to our community. It’s what CAL is all about. This year we will be giving $37,000.00 in scholarships which will help these exceptional students, who have worked so hard these past 4 years, be able to achieve their goals with college. Our thanks goes to all those who helped to make this happen.
We have met as a committee for the first time, and are now prepared and looking forward to receiving the student’s applications which are due April 12. Between April 12th and May 2nd our teams will be evaluating the applicants and selecting the winners. Because of Covid, like last year, schools will not be having in person awards ceremonies, but we will at our June meeting.
CAL Scholarship Committee members: 
  • Beth Drain   
  • Marnie Easly
  • Jamie Erdt   
  • Joyce Price   
  • KC Rokstad
  • Cindy Vogal   
  • Leilani Williams
Many thanks to the members that volunteered for the scholarship committee this year.
Heather Hellier
Scholarship Chair