Posted by Sherry Ennis on Jun 09, 2018



Dear Members,

The Scholarship Committee met in early May. The committee was allotted $39,400 this year, and 29 scholarship recipients were chosen. As usual, choosing the most outstanding students out of so many outstanding students was a difficult task, but the committee persevered. Those recipients who are available will be introduced at our June meeting. Please attend the meeting and stay for the program to show your support for these bright, energetic and smart young people!

I would like to thank the committee members who read all of the applications (80+) and made the difficult decisions. They were Mary Daubersmith, Joyce Price, Marilyn Haddad, Carol Visger, Beth Drain, Lilly Mitsui, Eileen Simon and Penny Schardt. Thank you also to Linda Melia, who has helped with the process and will be taking over as Scholarship Chair next year.

Sherry Ennis for the
Scholarship Committee