Posted by Robbie Gleason on Mar 10, 2018



Hi Ladies,

This past Monday, those ladies who had purchased their “Mexican Train Party Ticket” at the Christmas luncheon through the silent auction were treated to a very fun event. We had a great time playing dominoes while enjoying a tasty lunch and dessert.

The goal was two-fold: first to provide an event other than a normal CAL luncheon where ladies can interact and get to know one another AND second to establish some links for those wishing to form a Mexican Train group of their own.

If you are interested in establishing or joining a group, please send me your name and I will put you in touch with the ladies who will be forming the new group(s). Hopefully, one or more of them will be inspired to do so. Really all you need is 4+ to have a good time. The rest is easy.

Robbie Gleason