Posted by Sherry Ennis on Apr 07, 2018

Dear Members,

The wind is blowing, and snow is falling, but I keep telling myself that Spring is here! With Spring comes the CAL luncheon, the introduction of CAL Grant and Scholarship recipients and CAL officer elections.

There are still some Board Chair positions open, and I would like to encourage anyone who is interested to give me a call. In particular, the Membership position is open. Robbie Gleason has done a grand job for the past 4 years, but she is ready to move on. Remember, all of the current chairpersons will mentor the new chairs, but once you know the ropes, you can put your own spin on the job, and that’s a good thing. Being on the CAL Board is not only personally rewarding but essential to continue the work of our wonderful organization!

The Grants Committee is very busy reading all the submissions, and recipients will receive them at our May General Meeting. Don't miss it - it's very heartwarming and what we work for all year!

Happy (fake) spring!

Sherry Ennis