Dear Members,

As I sit here watching the snow falling gently, I am thankful for my warm home and a grand neighbor, as I write this, is starting the process of digging me out. This new blanket of snow leads me to think of all the Bonner County babies who have gone home wrapped and wearing the blankies, hats and swaddles so many of you have made over the past year.

By the end of 2016, you had knitted, quilted or sewn 187 blankies, 151 tiny hats and 47 swaddles. What an outpouring of time, energy and generosity of spirit for our newest Bonner County residents. You are all to be applauded! I wish to thank the following for their creations in the last three months: Nettie Allen, Susan Black, Judy Bourassa, Brenda Brown, Helen Fredich, Carol Gollin, Donna Hutter, Pam Lawrence, Cathi Scheurn, Pat Stevens, Barbara Stout, Mary Sturgis and of course, Anonymous. Pat yourselves on the back, pick up those needles and settle in for a snow day.

Sherry Ennis