Posted by Toni Sommer on Sep 28, 2019


Dear Members,


Thank you for attending CAL’s 40thAnniversary Celebration. As an audience you seem to enjoy the silliness, the education and the honoring of the legacy of CAL.

Thank you to the Board for all the work behind the scenes.

Thank you Sherry Ennis and Tracy Gibson for crafting a great script.

Thank you to Ginny Jensen for narrating and adding to the script.

Thank you to the original committee, headed by Joyce Spiller, who did the research and developed a 40 Year Timeline of the history and accomplishments of CAL.

Thank you Karen Hanna for being on-call for months resurrecting pictures and input to the presentation.

Thank you to Beth Drain who stepped in at the last moment and coordinated the PowerPoint with the program and then recording the celebration.

Thank you to the actors who were assigned roles on the Friday before so they could create their costumes and props and then getting into the spirit of the vignettes with just one rehearsal.

Thank you to Bill, of the Panida Theater, who was instrumental in helping us with the venue.

Thank you to all the other volunteers that worked on publicity, refreshments, communication, and whatever else that so successfully got done.

Thank you to the members, family and friends who supported and joined us.

Thank you for letting me be a part of this.                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

THANK YOU to the four ladies on the beach 40 years ago who were challenged by Marilyn Pagano's husband, Bill - "Do something" & “Put Up or Shut-Up”.

We are very grateful to Nancy McAdam, Marilyn Pagano, Sally Transue and our very much missed Sydne Van Horne for beginning CAL's journey.


Toni Sommer