Posted by Toni Sommer on Mar 21, 2020


Dear Members,

When I woke up this morning I surprising found myself feeling extremely proud.                                                                                                                             

I am proud of everyone who is self-isolating in order to keep themselves and the community safe. I am proud of the those who are going to work so I can dump my trash, buy milk, pump gas, buy a few hobby items and make me a latte so I can enjoy a moment of normalcy. I am proud of my husband who picked up the phone this morning to call his ski buddies as his way to check up, check in and practice social distancing (emphasizing both the concepts of “social” and “distancing”. I am proud of my granddaughter, whose senior year in high school and all its activities have been stripped away, who has made the most of family time. I am proud of my daughter, who has a compromised immune system, in how she has carefully provided for herself in her self imposed isolation. I am proud of my daughter who has just been furloughed and is looking at this as a time to enjoy nature while waiting eagerly for her job to return. I am proud of my daughter who thinks she may have in fact had a mild case of the virus two months ago who is donating blood for research. I am proud of my grandson who is using his time off school to help a local farmer to keep the food supply moving. I am proud of my son-law who is working so hard to keep his staff safe and working. I am proud of myself for waking up proud.

Please look during these challenges times as to what makes you proud. And stay safe!

Toni Sommer