Posted by Toni Sommer on Jun 13, 2020


Dear Members,

This past week the 2019-2020 Board held its last meeting. I found myself with a hollow feeling inside, given that it was the last meeting for Sherry Ennis as President. In my 68 years I have had many mentors who have taught me a variety of skills and life lessons, but it is Sherry who taught me the power of grace.

In quick review of the past two years, and I am sure I will miss some things, Sherry has had to deal with finding a new location for Bizarre Bazaar, after many months of searching she had to negotiate the new lease, only to have it fall through. That led to the never-ending negotiation of a new lease with the current landlord, which continued on to as recently as last week. She was a major player and author in CAL’s 40th year Anniversary, the summer that went on and on and on. She also had to find and negotiate a new venue for holding the monthly general meetings. If that was not enough, she has had to navigate CAL and Bizarre Bazaar through the ever-changing pandemic.

I have come to realize and appreciate that Sherry Ennis was President of CAL at the right time. Though the two years were probably stressful for Sherry, she proved definitely to be the leader that CAL needed. Through all of this she diligently communicated with the membership to encourage feedback and to make sure everyone was informed. She consistently displayed calmness and graciousness while providing leadership, follow through and results. 

I have to admit that not only have I come to greatly admire Sherry; I am also intimidated to be her successor - I hope I can be as gracious.                                                                                   

To help me in this goal, the follow individuals have (re)stepped up to be the 2020-2021 CAL Board:
Vice President: Beth Drain
Secretary: Joyce Price
Treasurer: Linda Gibbs
Store Directors: Diane Arrants and Cherie Warber 
Publicity: Carol Visger
Social Committee Chair: Linda Zinn
Idaho Community Foundation (ICF fund): Carolyn Gumerman
Membership: Stephanie Novotny
Member-at-Large: Maxine Haun
Grants Committee Chair: Tracy Gibson
Scholarship Committee Chair: Heather Hellier
Programs: Leslie Marshall

I look forward to the new year for the Community Assistance League. Stay safe!

Toni Sommer