Posted by Jan Harrison on Apr 16, 2022


Dear Cal Members,
As if Wednesday afternoon, 12 Community Assistance League members—serious, dedicated, honorable women—have 45 grant applications to evaluate.
It is my honor to chair this important committee; my role is to facilitate a rigorous process that results in monies being distributed throughout Bonner County to groups that help to make our community even better. All applicants are worthy; I’m touched by the dedication of these hundreds of volunteers who work hard to improve the lives of all. Not all requests can be honored in their entirety, of course - this team has its work cut out for it.
My sincerest ‘thank you’ to these wonderful committee members: Norma Bartenhagen, Susan Black, Lori Conner, Sherry Fulton, Marilyn Haddad, Donna Hutter, Esther Inselman, Lilly Mitsui, Ann Nichols, Tina Reynolds, Penny Switlik, and Linda Zinn.
Jan Harrison
Grants Chair