Dear Members,
We are quickly reaching the end of 2020 - Thank God, though we have been told that things may not change until way into 2021. At this moment I prefer to be in denial and be optimistic.
As a result of COVID-19, CAL has not been able to do many of its annual activities: Spring Luncheon, Summer Sipper, Fourth of July Parade Float, Wine and Dine, and our Christmas Luncheon. We even had to close Bizarre Bazaar from late March through mid-May.
BUT it is amazing what we did accomplish:

  • The Grants Committee not only processed and gave out Grants; also provided special grants to local community groups that provided COVID-19 services.
  • The Scholarship Committee was able to process and give out Scholarships.
  • CAL’s Kinderhaven Tree took top bid at $7,500.
  • Bizarre Bazaar opened again on May 15th with limited hours (M-S 11:00AM-3:00PM). Even with a two-hour a day reduction of store hours (a total of 372 hours from May through December), sales have been amazing.
Many members have apologized to me for not being more active this year due to COVID-19. No apology is needed as everyone has their story. Members who are required/or prefer to be more cautious, I do ask for your help this next spring. Both the Grants Committee Chair (Tracy Gibson) and the Scholarship Committee Chair (Heather Hellier) have plans to run those committees remotely this spring. I encourage you to step up and participate on either the Grants Committee or the Scholarship Committee remotely. It would be much appreciated.
I wish each and every one of you a merry and bright Christmas and a safe and sane 2021.

Toni Sommer, President