Posted by Beth Drain-TL on Mar 18, 2023


Dear Members,
Happy Saint Patrick’s Day
Hope all of you didn’t drink too much green beer or
eat too much corned beef and cabbage for St. Paddy’s Day.

We just completed our General Meeting on Wednesday with Suzanne Tabert, bioregional herbalist, author, speaker, director of herbal education at the Cedar Mountain Herb School, doing her presentation on recognizing herbs and describing how they can be used for medicinal purposes, which ones are edible, as well as explaining that the “weeds” have a redeeming value; they are also edible and have medicinal properties. Anyone wanting my dandelions is welcome to them! Everyone thoroughly enjoyed having her and didn’t want her to stop. You can check her out on her website at where you will see the classes she has available as well as the books she writes.
All of the programs Joyce Spiller, Programs chair, has invited have all been very informative and wonderful. So starting with the meeting in April we will allow an hour for the speaker followed by a 15-minute break before we start the business part of the meeting. There’s nothing magical or set in stone about our meeting time. Sentiment at the meeting was that we allow extra time for the program. The Board will still have plenty of time to share our reports and keep you up to date on what’s happening at Bizarre Bazaar and Community Assistance League (CAL) while still allowing plenty of time for cleanup. The arrangement with the Heartwood Center is that we will be finished and out of the room by noon. Also, we will no longer be assigning tables upon check-in except for specific events as needed.
At the last two meetings, I have shared a report generated through our ClubRunner software indicating years of service for our members. In February I showed the breakdown of all members and their years of service as a pie chart and no names. The members present at the February meeting with the longest number of years as a member was Marcella Nelson. She received a “priceless” dozen eggs fresh from the farm. Thank you, Marcella, for your service. The March meeting highlighted all members who joined in the month of March. We showed them by name and years of service. Those listed and present at the meeting received Starbucks cards in recognition of their service. Going forward I will continue to acknowledge members for their service.
I’m working with Karen Hanna and Robbie Gleason to find ways to use some of the features available to us through the ClubRunner program. It will allow us to register for social events, pay the fees for these events, as well as paying our membership dues. Updates will be coming as we figure out how to get these features up and running. Wish us luck.
In April I will be preparing my President’s letter. These letters have been well received, and I promised to do one quarterly. Watch your mailbox for my letter which will include an insert from Sherry Fulton, Ways and Means chair, regarding Idaho Community Foundation and the ways to contribute tax free dollars to our endowment.