Posted by Beth Drain


Dear Members,
I can’t believe it’s time for the Bulletin already, but I am excited that we are rapidly approaching our May meeting/luncheon on May 9th at Trinity. Our election will be conducted during the luncheon and I’m looking forward to seeing as many of you there as possible to show your support for our slate of officers for the coming cycle. Stephanie Novotny will outline the details for the election and the options for voting whether in person or via E-mail.
Bizarre Bazaar continues to be blessed with large and wonderful donations. It is incredible to see our volunteers jump in to get all these things sorted, priced, and displayed on the floor at BB. The Department Heads and Specialty Leaders always amaze me with their merchandizing skills under the leadership of our store managers. Our roster of members and volunteers all embrace Community Assistance League’s mission to support our Community through education, service, and philanthropy in their own innovative ways. COVID caused many of us to change the way we serve, but now that life is working its way back to “normalcy,” we hope to see your happy and smiling faces back in the store and at our General Meetings. We’ve missed you and so have our members and customers, at least indirectly.
Healing Garden needs help cleaning for the spring and summer months. Helen Tapp will be working Wednesday mornings at 10:00 a.m., but help is needed on Saturdays as well. MaryAnn Jeffres is there on Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. Please come and bring your rake, cutters, and large basket for cuttings. If no one is there to direct you, just dig in and do whatever you see needs to be done.
There will be an Open House at the Garden Saturday, May 28th from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Last year our generous husbands made wooden cutouts from the templates we have available which local artists then painted for us. These were a big hit last year and brought in quite a large sum for the garden. Please contact Helen Tapp for more information and how you can help at 208-946-1080 or
Even though my tenure as Vice President is coming to a close, I’m looking toward July and the 4th of July Parade. I know it was a little intimidating for me, so I’d like to help ease the transition for the new Vice President by having the membership rally around her and volunteer to come up with ideas and hands-on help with the planning of one of CAL’s favorite community events.
“Ta Ta For Now” and see you at the Spring Luncheon in May.
Beth Drain