Dear Volunteers,

Hurray! Are you as excited as I am with the little teases of the coming Spring? Blue sky, going outside not all bundled up against the arctic cold and being able to wear real shoes and not snow boots. I am pumped. I do realize that winter is not yet over and we will probably experience more blustery weather, but even the hint stirs my soul.

And with those thoughts, we will start to introduce a bit of Spring into Bizarre Bazaar this coming week. Thursday will be our monthly markdowns and with that comes Early Spring. You will be seeing the softer colors of the season and lighter sweaters and jackets. Our customers are tired of winter and are ready to jump into something new, so let’s get them excited! Of course, this means that any incoming turtlenecks, heavy wool sweaters, heavy jackets or coats and the like will now be put aside to store for next winter. (Please do not hang cotton turtlenecks—there will be a marked tub for them.) One caveat though is we are not quite ready for summery things (short sleeve tees, shorts, sundresses and the like) which we will hold back for just a few more weeks.

And, since we will be putting out a lot of things, I am sorry to say I must yet again repeat myself about the intricacies of PRICING. Spot checks are finding that price tags are wandering all over the clothing, are not filled out correctly or are not using the pricing guide. With the quality of stock we have, there should be no clothing items going out under $5.

Please write only on the top half of the ticket and use a $-sign to delineate between size and price. (A ticket reading 10 8 only confuses the customer, the cashier and Diane and me. It should be 10 $8.00.) Price tags on all tops, dresses, jackets and coats go in the left underarm SEAM. Especially with the lighter weight fabrics, punchinga hole in the fabric may leave a hole, thus making the item unsaleable. We recently pulled a few sweaters off the floor due to this mishap. Price tags on pants and skirts go in the left side seam at the waistband. Side zip pants can have the tag at the bottom of the zipper. Please, please, please follow these few procedures—it will make everyone’s lives a little easier by being consistent.


                                                Incorrect                       Correct
                                           Tag Placement             Tag Placement


Gift Certificate Process

As a follow up to the information at the meeting about gift certificates, these are the processes to use when gifts certificates are purchased and used.

When a customer purchases a Gift Certificate, please follow this procedure:
1 - Do not run the original purchase through the cash register.
2 - Log the purchase on the form in the folder (found under the counter) 
3 -
Put the certificate number with indication of payment - check, cash or charge 
4 - Place the check, cash or charge slip in the deposit envelope

When the certificate is redeemed:
1 - Note the certificate number on the register receipt
2 - Place the receipt in the till drawer
3 - Log the amount used on the form in the folder and on the back of the certificate, indicating the amount and date redeemed

We NEVER give cash back on gift certificates. The customer may either run a balance or donate the remainder to Bizarre Bazaar.

Don’t forget—for those of you who are new to CAL or those interested in brushing up on skills, there will be a mini-training on Wednesday, February 22, 10:00 a.m. If that time is not convenient, please contact either Diane or Cherie to set up another time. Focus will be on sorting guidelines and cashier skills.

Based on the positive feedback from our delightful customers, all your hard work is being noticed! Comments about the appearance of the shop, the quality of stock and yes, even the nice smell (thank you, Cindy!) are music to our ears. Without the help of all you volunteers, Bizarre Bazaar wouldn’t be as successful as it is. And that success is what helps Community Assistance League be able to support young scholars and charitable organizations in our community. Diane and I continue to encourage all CAL members to come be part of that success. Sign up in person, call in your request or just stop in to visit. Come be part of Bizarre Bazaar!

In appreciation for all you do.
Diane and Cherie