Dear Volunteers,

They’re here! Bizarre Bazaar has brand new eco-friendly reusable shopping bags! A spacious 16” long by 12” high, these brilliant blue bags with the CAL logo and the Bizarre Bazaar name on them are a 'must have' item.

Be the first in your crew to own one for the low, low price of only $2.00! Your friends and family will be so envious you might want to procure a few for them as well. This marvelous idea was brought to you by Marilyn Haddad and Diane Arrants as a way to show the community we care about the environment.

When you are in the shop, mention them to customers and offer one for sale when they check out. There are several on display and a box of them is under the cash register. Run the sale through the register as any other merchandise and our plastic bags will be available if the customer prefers them. 
It’s a great way to advertise our wonderful shop and tote around all the items we need to have with us.

And, speaking of spring wardrobes, it’s more and more like spring in the shop. Spring displays and clothes are out and soon the Sister Act (Rose Chaney and Judy Dabrowski) will put their special finishing touches on the rest of our wonderful shop. Diane and I can hardly wait for this transformation! And soon we will have spring bouquets available - scheduled for March 30th, if you would like to help create them. Shortly afterward, Dixie will be creating our beautiful Garden Center. Wow! I feel warmer, lighter and happier just thinking about it!

Since it is almost spring, our clothing needs to reflect the change. Please do not put out any more winter items like turtlenecks, wool sweaters, heavy jackets or coats, anything corduroy, heavy fleece, ski clothes or winter boots. It’s time to hang or pack fall and winter in storage, with the exception of winter scarves, hats & gloves - all are 50% off. Note: please do not put winter hats out on the heads for display…after all, spring is just around the corner. It's still too early for sandals, sun dresses, shorts, crops, anything linen, tanks or tees. After all, we do live in North Idaho!!

We are seeing improvement on the pricing and thank you very much for your efforts! Our clothing should not be priced under $4.00. As Diane likes to say, be thoughtful of pricing as every dollar is one more dollar for a grant or scholarship.

Another reminder -  the needle of the pricing gun goes all the way through the garment at the underarm left seam or left side seam on pants and skirts. Please do not thread the plastic fastener through the garment more than once. The needles on the pricing guns are not always sharp but are designed to go through heavy materials and seams. We want as little contact as possible to prevent creating holes that make the garment unsaleable.

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Dixie Stansell (208-265-8537 or is looking for more lifting/strong back help with Team Move Your Treasures. She is hoping we will get more furniture this Spring and her team is down to 2 or 3 he-men. If you know anyone in your sphere of friends or family who can bench press their own weight, please get in touch with Dixie.

A final note on being a gracious volunteer. There have been comments from both volunteers and from donors about the way in which donations are accepted. Please (and I repeat, please) do not process donations until you are sure the donor is no longer present. There are many times where the donation is a very sensitive thing to the donor (i.e., something from a deceased relative). It may have been a difficult decision for them because of an emotional attachment. It is rather unseemly to go looking through the donation for the “great find” or commenting on what has been donated - people can overhear what we say.
The shop standard, per the manual, is that before you buy, the item should be priced for the floor. Buying “out of the back room” is something we all have gotten a little lackadaisical about, so please be aware and sensitive to our donors.

You are all doing such a wonderful job and we so appreciate what you do. Think of the above as suggestions towards that next step to even higher greatness!

Thank you!
Diane and Cherie