Posted by Cherie Warber on May 20, 2017




Dear Volunteers,

Last Wednesday’s General Meeting was one of the major reasons why Bizarre Bazaar exists. It was wonderful to hear about the organizations that help so many in our community and the projects that will go on this next year. It is gratifying to see the end results of our year long labors at Bizarre Bazaar. I heartily urge you to attend next month’s scholarship awards - this is what CAL’s mission is and what we work for!

And speaking of work….Again, a heart-felt THANK YOU to those who were willing and able to step up and volunteer this weekend during the “Lost in the 50’s” festivities. What a great group of ladies, and Robert, too. Your participation is what helps make Bizarre Bazaar the best place to shop in Bonner County.

For those of you didn’t attend our Wednesday meeting, there was one huge announcement - Bizarre Bazaar is getting air conditioning! Yes, the rumors floating around are true! Our landladies, under the gentle coaxing of our illustrious leader Linda Zinn, has agreed to share the cost of installing the much-needed cooling system. And a big thanks to our newest Woman of Wisdom Donna Hutter, for facilitating the connection with the installation company. Now you have just lost one reason for not coming in this summer to help! In fact, you may even be spending more time there to take advantage of our “cool” shop.

We have another exciting announcement for this summer. POAC has invited Bizarre Bazaar to participate in this summer’s Art Walk. We will be displaying a few local artists’ original work during the summer and will be listed in the Art Walk brochure. This should mean more customers, so please sign up for your favorite shift(s) soon to help out.

The art will be hung sometime between June 5 and the opening day of June 16. Prior to that time, we will be removing the art we have in the shop and installing “slat walls” in two locations to better display the incoming art. These walls will remain after Art Walk concludes. On Friday, June 16, we will be open from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. for the opening night reception where art patrons will wander around town viewing the installations. We are looking for volunteers to be hosts and hostesses that evening - husbands are invited! More details soon. It is an honor to be invited to join Art Walk and in view of our grants to POAC they have waived our entrance fee. Thank you Carol Deaner of POAC!

One last item - we are more than happy to provide our wonderful volunteers with water bottles to help quench thirsts while working. However, we continue to find partial bottles every day scattered around the shop. If you can’t finish a bottle, please feel free to take it with you instead of abandoning it. One morning, I counted 5 partial bottles left from the previous day(s).

We so appreciate you and your participation!
Diane and Cherie