Posted by Cherie Warber on Jul 13, 2019


Dear Volunteers,

Summer is here in all it’s glory and so is tourist season. Bizarre Bazaar has been so very busy with both the aforementioned tourists and our stalwart regulars – a very nice mix indeed. Many thanks to you volunteers who have been coming in and helping to “take care of business”!

With so much traffic in our little shop, the merchandise is moving fast, and we need helping hands to get our donations sorted, cleaned, pressed, priced and out on the sales floor. Any time you can spare would be greatly appreciated! After shoveling yards of gravel, moving rocks and hosting a home full of summer guests, I look at it as a nice escape to the cool comfort of Bizarre Bazaar. Of course, I also invite any guest to come and join in the fun.

Things are going well with our new iPad/Square system. The ladies who use it say it is even easier than the old register/credit card duo and virtually no “Oops” slips for Rose Anne Wheatly to process. Don’t be afraid of it – just jump on in. There are enough of us around now who can give you a short tutorial and get you up and functioning. We will also be conducting a couple of classes in the near future – stay tuned!

We have a lot of summer clothes to put out and are running some specials:

  • All shorts are $2.00
  • All crops are $5.00
  • All strappy tanks, plain tanks, inexpensive tanks and heavy knit tanks are $2.00
  • All “dressier” tanks are $4.00 to $6.00
  • All common blue jeans (Gloria Vanderbilt, any brand from Penney’s, Walmart or Kohls) are $2.50
  • Bling and designer blue jeans are usual price
  • Short sleeved tees are $4.00

Remember, everything going on the floor (except for and small picture frames, books, CDs, DVDs and VHSs) must have a price tag.
Please do not put out a basket of something marked “All ______ $2.00” or whatever price. It is too confusing for a busy cashier to deal with.

Be mindful of the fitting rooms and “go-back” area. Try to get clothes back on the floor as soon as possible. It’s a good idea to check the lingerie rack by the fitting rooms as customers will sometimes put their unwanted items there. It’s also a good idea to periodically check the racks to make sure clothes are zipped, buttoned or snapped and are in the correct area. That will give you a chance to chat with our customers!

As busy as we have been, it is amazing how nice, clean and professional our shop looks. Many thanks to all of you who work hard to keep it that way! Diane and I truly appreciate what you do to make Bizarre Bazaar Sandpoint’s “hidden treasure”.

Diane and I appreciate each and everyone of you who walk through that door and give of your time to help Bizarre Bazaar be the best of the best. We cannot thank you enough!

Sign up! We NEED you!

Online sign up <<<< is the best way.

July, August and September calendars are available, sorted by week and day. You can also schedule through a team leader or on paper at the shop. Hope to see you soon.

In appreciation for all you do!

Diane and Cherie