Posted by Bobbie Franklin on Apr 06, 2019

2019 Grants



Dear CAL Members,

The 2019 Grant Application season has closed as of Saturday March 30. This year we had 50 grant applicants! Now the Grant Committee is getting down to the business of reading all of them and assigning awards. Here’s a sneak peek at how they break down into numbers and categories:

Thirty-two of the fifty (64%) relate specifically to the children of Bonner County. Of that number, nineteen (38%) grants were written to enhance and enrich the CLASSROOM experience of these children. The other thirteen requests were for SUPPORTIVE PROGRAMS such as after-school activities, summer camps, scholarships to sports programs, art engagement, child protective services, and even eye glasses/hearing aids. There are five grant requests specifically target FOOD INSECURITY in Bonner County. Another five were written to help SHELTER people and transition them into stable living conditions. There are five more for what I call COMMUNITY ENRICHMENT. And there were three more that I classified as just plain GOOD IDEAS.

Put May 15th on your calendar to meet the grant recipients and hear about their projects and goals that assist Bonner County residents. The grant and scholarship meetings (June) put our mission in clear view. See you there.

Bobbie Franklin
Grants Chair