Posted by Jan Harrison on Mar 18, 2023

Dear Members,
I’m in full swing, accepting new applications and final reports from last year’s awardees. It can be quite confusing, so next year we’re making the due date for the final reports February 28—with new applications available beginning March 1. That should reduce some of the stress!
We have a whopping $180,000 to give back to worthwhile Bonner County organizations. Yup, you read that right…180-thousand dollars! Please pat yourselves on the back, because each of you made it happen. You might have worked shifts at the store, or brought home laundry and mending. You might have delivered pass-ons or picked up donations. You might have donated yourself or shopped. You might have told your friends and neighbors about our mission. All of those efforts contribute to CAL’s success and have resulted in this record-breaking year of monies to give back. I thank each and every one of you.
A special thank you to the 12 members who will be determining where that money goes this year. They are:
  • Norma Bartenhagen
  • Lori Conner
  • Bobbie Franklin
  • Sherry Fulton
  • Tracy Gibson
  • Marilyn Haddad
  • Cathy Horton
  • Barbara Kaiser
  • Denise Marley
  • Ann Nichols
  • Tina Reynolds
  • Cherie Warber
Don’t forget to join us at the June member meeting where you can meet the awardees and hear about all the wonderful projects happening in our community.
Jan Harrison
Grants Chair