Posted by Jan Harrison on May 20, 2023

Dear Members,
June 20 is the day we love the most—the day we celebrate all the students and organizations that are improving lives. It’s our Celebration of Giving, the day we present scholarships and grants. As grants chair the past two years it has been my honor to facilitate the committee of members who worked so hard to make sure our monies would go where they might do the most good for Bonner County residents. And, wow, our county, our community has so many nonprofits that ensure a better life for our friends and neighbors who need a bit of help. We help by granting money, but those nonprofits do the work.
Together, each of us, each of you, does a little bit to help someone else—and we all benefit. 
So here is my wish. Find an hour this week to help someone else. And an hour next week and so on. Your heart will warm and our community will be a bit richer because of you.
I’ve been honored to serve as your Grants Chair these past two years and look forward to passing the torch—and paperwork!—to Ann Nichols next year.
Jan Harrison
Grants Chair