Posted by Robbie Gleason on Nov 04, 2017

Membership News

Hello everyone,

Our annual New Member Tea was held this past Monday for those new members who joined Community Assistance League (CAL) since November 2016. It was a festive, autumn-themed event held at Dottie Johnson’s lovely “lodge” of a home. Many hands help make a High Tea a success, but it obviously starts with finding the appropriate venue. Dottie has hosted for a second year in a row and again it couldn’t have been more perfect! She has a living room the size of a ballroom, so it was ideal. Dottie provided not only the venue but despite a sore back and knee, she worked very hard making sure everything was perfect. Dottie, I can’t thank you enough!

The very talented sisters, Judy Dabrowski and Rose Chaney, provided the table decorations again making the season come alive indoors. Many other fine CAL ladies generously loaned their precious family china and linens giving the tables charm and elegance. Big shout-outs go to Kathleen Flaherty, Betsy Harding, Loretta McPherson, and Penny Switlik for their contributions. Much needed additional furniture (card tables & chairs) were provided by Sheryl Davis, Arlene Howell and Lin Otey. In addition, Lin went the extra mile by providing much needed labor transforming herself into sous chef, wait-staff and clean-up crew all rolled into one. A HUGE thank you Lin…for the second year in a row. Finally, Karen Hanna showed up despite still recovering from spinal surgery to memorialize the event in photos. Ladies, thank you one and all!

Besides bringing our wonderful new members together, a number of Board members were also in attendance. Their contribution was to share why they came to CAL and what it has meant to them since joining. Their shared stories plus those of the new members were a bonding experience indeed and were so very similar in nature. We are looking for a sisterhood of friends…and CAL punches that ticket for sure.

Status of Membership Mini-Directories:

The membership paper mini-directories will be available for distribution at the November General Meeting. We aren’t printing that many since you receive a computer roster copy every month, so if you can’t make the meeting and want a directory saved for you please let me know.

Many thanks. The album with this year's picture of the tea is here: CAL's 2017 New Member Tea

Robbie Gleason
CAL Membership Chair