Posted by Char Matheson on Jun 24, 2017


Dear Ladies,

Another fabulous slideshow! It can't be done without your assistance! 

What is the request?


Profess Your Love For Your Precious Furry or Not So Furry Family Member(s)!

Thank you to so many of the CAL Members who have already submitted their Pets or Pet Like Photos! My inbox has been exploding with photos! However, with  249 members, I am sure someone out there has been meaning to send their photos to me but has been procrastinating! Everyone has equal opportunity as the slide show creation hasn't begun yet.

WANTED: cute, funny, unusual, odd photos of your pets! They can even be from your childhood, a favorite stuffed pet, a taxidermy pet, your first pet, your best behaved pet, your mischievous pet, recently acquired pet(s), a beloved lost pet, painting of a pet, outdoor or barnyard animals, a photo that you took out your door, on the lake, your neighbors pet, a borrowed pet, animal down the street! I used to have a neighbor who raised pet mini donkeys and she put different hats on them daily - one was named Bonnie - go figure because she had a collection of Easter Bonnets. Bonnie was fed caramel corn every morning! I wished I had taken a photo to share but I didn't - I know we all have had a wonderful experience or encounter with some furry or not so furry animal.

You get the picture - no pun intended! WE NEED YOUR PHOTOS! Please e-mail your photos to Make sure the Subject Header reads CAL - PET(S), otherwise your e-mail may be deleted. Please state your name, pet's name, approximate date of photo and even a story, if you want.

Let's see what we can create!

PS - MARK YOUR CALENDARS - October's Guest Speaker will be Clay Hutchison with The Carousel of Smiles! You won't want to miss this meeting!

Charlene Matheson