Posted by Heather Hellier on Sep 25, 2021


Dear Members,
The committee members for the 2021-2022 Scholarship year is: 
Chair - Heather Hellier
Committee Members - Marnie Easly, Judy Hull, Cindy Vogel, Jamie Erdt, Carroll Ensminger, Lynn Youngren, Heather Hellier
We are looking for one more person to fill out the committee, and will be having our first meeting some time in February.
Our work begins in mid-April when the student's scholarship applications are all in. We work in teams of two, each person reading and evaluating somewhere between 10-15 applications (we typically receive anywhere between 100-125 applications), then switching with partner, reading and evaluating another 10-15 applications, then between you, prioritizing them. In early May, the committee gets together again, and we decide among us how many scholarships we will give according to how much money we have, and select the top choices from each team.
A "Celebration of Giving" event will be held at our June, 2022 meeting where we award the scholarships along with the Grants Committee’s awards.
Our scholarship winners for 2021 had such a diverse range of interests: Aerospace Engineering, Biology, Civil Engineering, International Relations and Diplomacy, and Medicine to name just a handful. 
Our June 18, 2021 General Meeting was our combined "Celebration of Giving" grants and scholarship Award presentations. The Sandpoint Reader published an article, which you can access online here.
You can access photos of the presentation here.
It’s rewarding to know that the money we earn at Bizarre Bazaar, through all of our efforts, is making a difference to so many outstanding young people, and hopefully this inspires all of us to continue our work to support them.
Heather Hellier
Scholarship Chair