Posted by Cherie Warber on Jun 12, 2021



Dear Volunteers,

Wow! What fabulous days we have had lately -- customers, great sales and lots of fun with each other. Thank you one and all for getting the job done. Yard sales are pumping us up with much needed donations which makes it easier to replenish the floor.

Even though we are getting some great things in, please do not overload the floor. We can put stuff aside and have it ready to fill the holes as our eager customers snatch up the goodies.
As you know, we have been experiencing issues with our internet provider and with our phones. Our incredible techie, Miss Diane, is working the problem and going so far as to checking out alternative providers. Patience, patience please and hopefully we can solve this problem soon. Unfortunately, when we have problems, we cannot process credit cards and can only take cash or checks. Our customers have been very understanding, but it is frustrating for all.
 ** Reminders **
A few reminders – (I know I touched on these in my last email, but some of you may have missed it.)
  • All t-shirts, long and short sleeved
  • All tanks
  • All crops
  • All shorts
  • All button downs
  • All pants, skirts and dresses
  • All winter sweaters
  • All fall sweaters
  • All Christmas/holiday clothes
  • All ski wear (except jackets)
  • All turtlenecks
Summer pricing:
  • All crops -- $4.00
  • All shorts -- $3.00
  • All cotton/cotton blend plain short sleeve t’s -- $4.00
  • All cotton/cotton blend plain tanks -- $3.00
Notes on jewelry:
  • We have some rather expensive jewelry in our cases.
  • It is important that you close the case doors and drawers after showing any of our beautiful pieces.
  • Marilyn Haddad works diligently to appraise, fix and clean her baubles and prices her pieces fairly.
Robert needs general fiction, sci-fi and western books. He also requests VHS tapes and audio books.
And one housekeeping request – someone, either after closing or before opening, has been using the bathroom, but not flushing it. Yuck! If you or a dear one have been accessing the shop after hours, please be considerate of those who may follow you!
We have a general policy of not bargaining with our customers. Lately, we have had a few customers come in and tell us “some lady” told them they could have the item they want for less. This puts our volunteers in an awkward position when they do not know how to handle the situation. So please, let Diane or Cherie be the good (or bad) person and do any price adjustments.
With all the activity, we need you to sign up. There are a lot of empty spaces on the calendar and we need YOU. Sign up on-line, call Marnie Easley or call the team leader you would like to work with. We gave you the shorter shifts you wanted, so please step up.
June, July & August Volunteer calendars are available online now!

>>>> Online sign up <<<<
Many thanks to Lily Mitsui and her team for sprucing up outside Bizarre Bazaar. It looks beautiful!
It delights Diane and I how much our volunteers do – sorting, cleaning, ironing, pricing, chatting and helping with customers. We can never thank you enough for your dedication to Bizarre Bazaar and the CAL mission. You are amazing!
In great appreciation for you and for all you do!
Diane and Cherie