Posted by Tracy Gibson on Sep 19, 2020

Dear Cal Members,
We have had an incredible outpour of gratitude from the 2020 Grant recipients! Letters and thank you cards expressing their appreciation for Community Assistance League (CAL) support during this difficult year. Our grants have proven to be more critical than ever. Many groups are struggling with fund raising and I’m certain will need us even more next year. LUCKY US! We have Bizarre Bazaar which is still busy producing revenue and quality items; bringing smiles and little moments of joy to shoppers and volunteers everyday. 
Our community needs CAL and Bizarre Bazaar needs you! So, when you are comfortable, keep coming in, but please wash (or sanitize) your hands, wear a mask and keep six or more feet away from each other! There are plenty of tasks that allow you to stay a safe distance.

For example, no one ever bothers me in the ironing area! HA, I wonder why?
Tracy Gibson
Grants Chair